There is a mummy on Mars?

There is a mummy on Mars?

There were numerous sightings 'found' on the surface of Mars. Starting from the face of god, iguana supine, until finally a sarcophagus-casket to the mummy were prevalent in Ancient Egypt

The hunters aliens then flocked to listen to photograph places on Mars that by mister Enigma called very similar to those used to store an Egyptian mummy.

There is a mummy on Mars?
There is a mummy on Mars?
Quoted by the Daily Mail on Wednesday (17/02/2016), the uploader of the video sharing on the page that says, "There is something extraordinary items shown in the photos rover Curiosity on Mars."

"If we view the NASA images taken Curiosity, we'll see something that looks like a sarcophagus lying on the edge of the cliff," said Mister Enigma.

on the same video is still hidden under the rocks where an ancient alien graveyard.

"The strange thing about when the photo was taken a few moments later in the same place, is the two faces carved into the cliff side facing toward the sarcophagus," he added.

He asked, "Is this an alien ancient burial ground or pareidolia extreme case?"
According to the Express, these symptoms occur when the human mind to convince his eyesight had seen the object or face where it should not, for example in the rock formations on the surface of Mars.

Uploader claimed to have conducted an audit digitally on video, but just to clarify it.
On the other hand, a number of alien hunters 'see' the other objects. Scott C. Waring UFO Sightings Daily appreciate Mr. Enigma to draw attention to this, but he did not see it as a sarcophagus.

He says through the pages of the site, it is "the statue upright creature that has been turned upside down. The area below the average showed me."

"It may be a sarcophagus or similar monument to celebrate a person or an important event in the history of aliens," said Waring.

For those who are unsure, Waring shared a photo he found in December 2014 that he believed was another coffin lying there. He said the UFO Sightings Daily, "I find this coffin last week."
"The coffin is made durable and made of stone. How hard NASA rover to drive there and check the contents of the box?"

There is a mummy on Mars?
There is a mummy on Mars?
Although NASA has not commented on these kinds of questions, the agency has made a statement about the type of request.

Said Guy Webster, a spokesman for NASA told Fox News in an email when discussing the look 'face' on Mars, "Maybe you can see, it is a natural rocky crater on the outskirts of the small and not carving made by ancient cultures."

"But it is good to use their imagination and enjoy public access completely on each image taken by the rover on Mars," he added.

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