IMPORTANT ... READ !!!! How To Boost Immune System Body Right

How To Boost Immune System Body Right

The immune system is an important element of the human body to fight disease and infection. If our immune system is strong then we can maintain the health condition of the threat of disease, infection or allergy.

To boost the immune system should start from ourselves. That is by running a clean and healthy lifestyle consistently. This includes personal hygiene, home and environment and there is a balance between food intake, exercise, and adequate rest.

Boost the immune system the right

Here are a few ways to boost the immune system that we can all apply in our daily lives to keep us healthy and strong in the fight against disease and infection.

1. Maintain cleanliness

Maintain cleanliness will indirectly will improve the immune system. Because maintaining cleanliness means keep us from germs and bacteria, and prevents us from infection and disease.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables fresh

Fruits and vegetables are a source of various vitamins, fiber, and a natural antioxidant, which is very useful to improve our immune system. Fruits and vegetables are also a source of nutrition that is unmatched.

3. Exercising

Many studies show that exercise and physical activity can help boost the immune system, namely by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body to help fight various diseases. Lack of exercise can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of disease or infection.

4. Get enough sleep

leap is the best way. Enough sleep will make the immune system functioning properly. When we sleep, the body will rejuvenate and repair damaged cells.
Lack of sleep for a long time will be at risk of contracting various diseases.

5. Drinking water

Water can help the overall functioning of our body, including the immune system. Water plays a role both in removing toxins from the body. Once the importance of water so that in our day is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water.

6. Avoid stress

If we are able to manage stress, the "cup of stress" may be needed to motivate us to grow and progress. However, high stress can be bad for health, including the immune system. high stress can affect hormone imbalance in the body and damage the immune system function.

7. Maintain weight

Most scientists argue that being overweight or obese can weaken the immune system. Consuming a healthy diet and regular exercise is recommended for people with overweight or obese. Namely to reduce the risk of complications of various diseases.

8. Consumption of honey, and olive oil

Hone and olive oil are two types of food that is very good for boosting the immune system. The greatness of these two types of food are very famous all over the world. Both are the legacy of past medical science, which is still well preserved.

9. Do not smoke

Smoking is no benefit to health. In packaging cigarette packs even written clearly "Smoking can cause heart attacks, impotence and disorders and the health of the fetus".

Relation to the immune system, can also weaken the immune system. Toxins in every cigarette can disrupt the function of immune cells. That is why smokers are more prone to health problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia spa. If we seriously want to improve the immune system, then do not smoke.

10. Do not drink alcohol excessively

Many studies have shown as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Consuming alcohol can destroy the antibodies needed to fight the virus-infected cells. Alcoholics are more prone to suffer from infections and diseases such as tuberculosis.

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