DANGER !!! Do not Put your cell phone in your pocket

Dangers put the phone in the pants for Male Fertility

For men, being careful not to show the Smartphone in the pocket of the pants, because it is dangerous. For example, listening to music through earphones placed on the Smartphone front pants pocket. The habit can cause the temperature around the testes increases, and if it lasts a long time can interfere with fertility.

Male fertility is closely related to the condition of the testicles. The testes are two oval-shaped organ that is in the pouch called the scrotum. The testes are the organs that produce sperm are able to fertilize the female egg.

healthy testicle requiring temperatures or the temperatures are ideal. And the ideal temperature for the testes to produce sperm that is well below normal body temperature. According to a source mentioned that the ideal temperature of the testicles is 3 ° Celsius below normal body temperature. So if the normal body temperature of about 35 ° C, and then try the testicular temperature is maintained at about 32 ° C.

Put the phone carelessly cause infertility

Increase the temperature around the testicles can cause male infertility. The increase in testicular temperature that would damage the prospects of sperm and also reduce the formation of sperm in the testes. In addition to placing phone or Smartphone in the pocket, some of the following conditions can also cause an increase in temperature of the testes, namely: As the bath with warm water, using a pair of tight jeans, a lot of work in hot, like a sauna bath, including working as a chauffeured transportation public the position of the engine under the seat, etc.

Decreased sperm count also depends on the length of exposure. For example the water temperature warm bath of 43-45 ° C for 30 minutes every day can reduce sperm production by up to 90%.

In addition to the temperature of the testicles, good or bad quality of the sperm is also affected by other things, such as food intake, lifestyle, stress, overweight etc.

Maintaining the health of the testicles for men is very important. One way is to leave the bad habits that can make the temperature around the testes increases. If fertility is a priority for a man, it is no longer a reason to place a phone or Smartphone live in front pants pocket. Agree?

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